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Help & Info about CyberLink YouCam for windows

  • Is CyberLink YouCam free to install?

    After registration, users will be provided with a free three-month subscription. After these 90 days have elapsed, they will be required to pay a one-time fee in order to continue using its tools and accessories.
  • Can CyberLink YouCam be used in combination with Skype?

    This program is very universal in terms of its compatibility. It can work together with Skype as well as with the majority of mainstream VoIP systems. Users can view a detailed list of providers on the official product page.
  • Does CyberLink YouCam support high-definition videos?

    Thanks to recent updates, this program is able to support HD videos as well as augmented reality software. It can therefore be useful when clarity is important (such as when hosting a business presentation or a webinar).
  • Can I email photos and image captures with the use of CyberLink YouCam?

    Besides offering live streaming capabilities, users are also able to send files to recipients with a click of a button. These include documents, HD photos and any image captures.
  • Are there any special effects offered by CyberLink YouCam?

    There are several unique visual effects which can be used when chatting with friends or family. A handful of examples include filters, particles, emotions and avatars. It is also possible to download additional graphics when desired.
  • Can CyberLink YouCam be employed for professional and business purposes?

    Due to the universal nature of this software, it is perfectly suited for both personal and professional tasks. Please note that it will not be necessary for recipients to have this bundle installed in order to view what is being sent.
  • Can CyberLink YouCam be utilised as a video surveillance system?

    This software boasts a built-in functionality which allows it to be connected to employ a series of webcams to work together as a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. It can therefore be useful for those who are looking to proactively monitor their property while out and about.
  • How do I uninstall CyberLink YouCam from my operating system?

    Windows XP users will need to navigate to the "Add or Remove Programs" section and highlight the CyberLink YouCam icon. They will then simply choose the "Change or Uninstall" option. Newer operating systems such as Windows 10 will dictate that the Windows icon be chosen. It is then necessary to navigate to the Control Panel and to select the "Uninstall a Program" option.
  • Can CyberLink YouCam be used with Mac and Linux operating systems?

    At this time, this communications bundle is unable to support Mac or Linux operating systems. It has only been developed to work together with Windows computers. Updates may address this issue in the future.
  • Is CyberLink YouCam able to work with Windows 10 systems?

    As CyberLink YouCam is updated on a regular basis, there is a newer version available for Windows 10 operating systems. However, it may still be a good idea to make certain that all software is formatted correctly by downloading the (free) Compatibility Advisor offered by CyberLink itself.


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